"I went to see Louise about a couple of issues - I was having real trouble sleeping, was lacking energy generally and also had very dry and itchy skin. I was initially sceptical about how much Ayurveda could help me, but how wrong I was!  Louise has shown me that food is at the heart of everything and as a result of following the correct diet for my dosha I am now sleeping well at night and feel so much more like my old self. A focus on good and healing food has also meant that i've lost weight and feel generally lighter. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get back to their peak health or with a specific issue - she can really make a difference. "

J.R., Edinburgh

"I approached Louise for help after I developed issues with my digestive system in early 2017. Although helpful, following traditional medical advice didn't show any sign of improvement. So I thought I’d give Ayurveda a try. I spoke with Louise at the start of 2018 and we talked over general wellbeing and dietary habits. Although I considered myself a fairly healthy individual who regularly exercised, Louise identified some areas where changes could benefit my digestive system. We devised some simply dietary changes that wouldn’t have a big impact on my usual eating habits and within a couple of days I saw real change."

W.G., Edinburgh

"Its been two weeks since I saw you and during this time I have followed your advice not religiously but about ninety percent of the time. I have made an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time and eat at more regular times. 

I feel calm balanced  and nearly have a pink tongue ;) which is amazing. Having an understanding of my Ayurvedic nature is complementing my yoga practise and improving my already pretty good general emotional and physical well-being... Ayurveda rocks!! Thanks a million I would recommend you and Ayurveda in a heartbeat"

A.S., Edinburgh

"Still feeling better and more energy for longer in the day. Husband and others telling me I look well. I have more colour in my face at last. Must be what you have done. Thank you"

S.D., Edinburgh (Ayurvedic face and head massage)

“After making a few simple dietary changes as suggested by Louise in our first consultation, there was a huge increase in my energy levels and mental clarity”     

G.R., Edinburgh

“I am completely won over by Ayurveda. My right ankle collapsed a few years ago and I have had constant pain ever since. Despite several appointments with doctors and physiotherapists, I was unable to heal it..

I then had a consultation with Louise, after which she suggested some dietary changes and herbal supplements. After several weeks of following these suggestions, I was walking down my stairs one morning when I suddenly realised I no longer had any pain. Wonderful! Louise is now also treating me for another issue and its starting to work! “

S.D., Edinburgh

“Louise managed to really help my long running issue of sleepless nights with her advice and remedies…getting proper restful sleep has completely changed how I feel every day”

G.W., London